Queens Alcoholism Treatment Program

The right Queens alcoholism treatment program can get you the help you need to get your life back on track.

Many alcoholics fall into the vicious cycle without been able to pinpoint where it all started exactly. The loss of touch with reality when dealing with alcoholism takes a toll on your psychical health, as well as your mental state. An alcoholism treatment program can help you recover and regain control of your life.

Being an alcoholic is defined as someone who has a strong physical urge and desire to consume alcohol beyond his or her capacity to control it, despite all common sense and being aware of all the dangerous consequences.

Many people don't really know how to deal with alcoholism, because they can't understand that - just like drug addiction - this is too a disease of the brain. It is a mental obsession characterized by compulsive behavior, where alcohol is the goal.

Despite being an alcoholic, there are many people with a drinking problem than can still function normally, making it hard for others to identify their problem. Some of the most common signs of a functioning alcoholic are:

  • Uses alcohol to relax or to feel confident
  • Drinks alone
  • Drinks in the morning
  • Misses important appointments for no apparent reason or without explanation
  • Jokes about alcohol abuse
  • Gets angry if confronted with the possibility of an alcohol problem

In addition to these, other signs of a functioning alcohol that may be easier to identify are:

  • Will not be able to control the number of drinks they have at a time
  • May incur in uncommon or dangerous behavior (like driving while intoxicated)
  • Will keep working hard at school or place of employment, and reward their hard work with alcoholic beverages
  • They don't often remember the things they said or did (blackouts)
  • They get irritable whey they don't drink

Unfortunately, a high-functioning alcoholic can go months - and even years - without being confronted. The signs of a functioning alcoholic may not be that obvious, unless you educate yourself on knowing what to look for.

Knowing and understanding these signs is one of the many ways on how to deal with alcoholism. Being able to identify symptoms and knowing how to approach the person about it, can be key in helping them.

When someone needs an alcoholism treatment program the last thing you want is for them to shut you down or remove themselves from the situation.

How to deal with alcoholism is knowing that:

  • You may not see clear signs of a functioning alcoholic right away: the person can be able to take good care of themselves, their career, family live, etc.
  • That an alcoholic is someone that is basically living a double life
  • That the hints of a problem is in their behavior, and not physical appearance
  • The ideal way of helping them is not with a confrontation
  • Understand that their addiction is a disease, something they alone can't control

It is important to show support, respect and love to the person dealing with an alcoholic problem, even when they seem to push you away. The last thing you want is - for someone you love that is struggling with alcoholism - to feel judged, criticized, or disrespected.

A comprehensive alcoholism treatment program will be able to help the person get their life together and recover. The process will usually start with a detoxification stage, followed by therapy, addiction education and development of an after care plan.

It is highly recommended that - as part of their long-term sobriety plan - the person remains involved in group sessions with peers and Counselors that will be able to reassure them and comfort them.

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