Dangers of Self Detoxing

Don't Do It Alone! Learn about the dangers of self detoxing if you decide to stop your addiction.

Detoxing from a substance abuse or addiction is the first step into recovery. However, having a proper detoxification process is key to make sure rehabilitation works. The dangers of self detoxing are immense. At Drug Treatment Centers Queens, we provide assistance finding treatment centers. Call us today at 347-923-9703.

However, detoxing can be a complex and uncomfortable process, depending on the addiction that's treated and it is always recommended to do it under medical supervision or with the help of experts.

Starting or engaging on a detoxification process alone, is not only more difficult but it can also be very dangerous for any person. Dangers of self detoxing are unforeseen and can lead to serious injury or even have fatal consequences.

The risks of detoxing at home increase because one that has no medical expertise, may not know how to react or properly treat withdrawal symptoms when they start occurring. Furthermore, some withdrawal symptoms may require medication to be handled safely.

People often wonder: can you die from alcohol withdrawal or from withdrawal from drugs? The answer is clearly yes. Stopping "cold turkey" can lead to severe health problems that can often end in seizures or even death.

For example, some of the dangers of self detoxing is the appearance of tremors, seizures, convulsions, etc. These, if not treated properly, can lead to respiratory failure, suffocation, heart failure and death.

What makes the risks of detoxing at home even greater, is that - when trying to do this - people are usually alone and have no support when things get out of control. If one goes into a convulsive state, the heart could stop, internal organs may stop working and the lungs could collapse. Clearly this is not expected, but is - in fact - one of the many dangers of self detoxing.

In the case of alcohol abuse and/or addiction, when questioning can you die from alcohol withdrawal, the affirmative answer comes from the fact that when its consumption at once, the brain loses the ability of regulate its biochemistry. This means that, after having alcohol for so long as a chemical reactor, the brain suddenly can't properly function in its absence.

This reaction will cause unpredictable mood swings, muscle aches and pain, abdominal cramping, headaches, extreme agitation, delirium tremens, etc.

Furthermore, dangers of self detoxing also include the higher possibility of relapse. When one goes through these withdrawal symptoms alone and don't receive proper rehabilitation treatment (therapy and after care) it becomes easier to go back to the addictive substance.

With proper and effective medical care, the support from experts is key when going through the withdrawal symptoms while detoxing. They are prepared to keep the patient in a safe state even when experiencing the hardest of symptoms.

While people may believe that detoxing at home is more personal or safer, truth is the dangers of self detoxing could be so extreme that can end with someones life, when in reality they are just trying to get better.

Detoxing alone is unsafe and usually does not work. The risks of detoxing at home not only increase the probability of long-term health issues or the chances of relapsing; they can also include psychotic events that can damage someones state of mind in the long run.

When you decide to stop abusing a substance, whether is drugs or alcohol, you've taken the first step into a better you. But, wouldn't it be better to do it with the proper care and making sure that your actions are serving for a better future?

You can stop suffering from your addiction. You can get safe detoxification. You can recover and put your addiction behind, but doing it in a safely manner is key to making sure that the whole process works.

Don't expose yourself to the risks of detoxing at home, when there are many programs and medical experts ready to help you. If you wish to receive more information about proper detoxification, rehabilitation programs and aftercare, or if you are simply ready to start your search for rehab centers, we can help- call us today at (347) 923-9703. Don't be a victim of the dangers of self detoxing.





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