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A History of Drug Abuse and Queens Addiction Detox Centers

Queens, New York has been seemingly trapped in the center of both the rise in drug abuse and the heroin epidemic for the past decade. In fact, 2012 saw a huge increase in heroin admission to Queens Addiction Detox centers, with over nineteen thousand primarily heroin admission that year alone. In addition to these primarily heroin numbers, over three thousand admissions were made by people who used heroin as their second or third choice of drug. These are staggering numbers, indicative of a city with a serious drug problem.

In this article, we're going to take a look at the role drugs have played in New York, and how the drug detox centers queens has to offer can help struggling addicts regain some control of their lives.

Queens Addiction Detox Centers: Heroin in Full Swing

We've already touched on the intense grip heroin has on New York and the Queens area in particular, but how does heroin addiction actually work? Generally speaking, heroin addicts are first enticed by the intense euphoria, calmness, and numbness that is brought on by the drug. In many cases, heroin use starts after use of an addictive prescription drug. When they prescription runs out, or once a tolerance has been built, heroin becomes a simple substitute.

In addition to its powerful effects, one of the things that make heroin so dangerous and addictive is its fast acting nature, whether it's injected, snorted, or smoked, the conversion from heroin to morphine in the brain is a very quick process. Once the high effects of heroin have worn off, addicts that have used regularly will get sick or experience intense withdrawal symptoms. In many cases, long-time heroin addicts no longer use the drug to get high, but rather to avoid the withdrawal symptoms associated with the drug.

This is where the medical detox Queens has can benefit patients. Medically supervised detoxes, like the drug detox center Queens has to offer, can help patients mitigate their withdrawal symptoms while simultaneously teaching them new and healthier coping mechanisms to avoid relapse.

Queens Addiction Detox Centers: Cocaine as a Complementary Drug

In addition to the reign of terror that heroin addiction has become in the more northern states, cocaine addiction has established itself as a force to be reckoned with in New York. Of the seventy four thousand one hundred and six admissions to the drug detox center Queens has, almost thirty thousand of those admissions were for patients who had used and abused cocaine. That's almost thirty nine percent of all treatment admissions in New York.

Cocaine is extremely popular among younger addicts, due to its fast acting and stimulating effects that seem to line up perfectly with a party-lifestyle. Unfortunately, while cocaine is very fast acting, it is also quick to fade in effect. This aspect of cocaine use causes most users to redose multiple time throughout a session, constantly flooding the brain with intrusive chemicals. This consistent redosing is one of the key aspects that make cocaine as addictive as it is. By redosing regularly, addicts are creating a habit by consistently rewarding the brain for drug use.

Queens Addiction Detox Centers: How Can the Drug Detox Center Queens has Helped with Cocaine Addiction?

Once cocaine addiction begins to take hold, it can be extremely difficult to quit the drug. While physically cocaine is not the most addictive drug, it is a drug that takes a strong mental hold of abusers. As cocaine use gets more and more intense, it begins to cause some severe side effects like: agitation, depression, anxiety, and paranoia, increased risk of cardiac arrest, nose bleeds, and heart failure. While it is possible to withdrawal from cocaine outside of the drug detox center Queens has, it is highly unadvisable. There are a number of dangerous, and potentially deadly withdrawal symptoms associated with almost all narcotic use. Because of this, we highly recommend seeking treatment in one of the many centers for medical detox Queens has to offer.

Are you or someone you know struggling with alcohol, heroin, or cocaine addiction in Queens? Queens addiction detox centers may be the fresh start you need to take back control of your life.

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